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The interior design of every home requires a different approach and a different solution. Arrivae understands this and treats every home as an individual entity. We specialise in providing practical solutions for various situations.


We all have our dreams for our respective homes. Some we are able to afford, some we pack away for a future plan. At Arrivae, we understand that there is always a reality attached to each and every dream. That is why we create designs that are specific to your budgets yet does not let you compromise on any of your dreams. So help you realise your dream home, we provide different EMI options that you can choose from that best suits your budgets. Our teams assist and guide you in choosing and finalising these financial solutions so that you can come up with an informed decision

Indian Aesthetics

Indian design aesthetics are deeply ingrained in our design philosophy and we truly enjoy making them come alive in our projects. Indian designs are full of positive vibes, vibrant colours and motifs from different regions. We absolutely revel in the opportunity when it comes to implement the Indian designs. It is also a pleasure to mix and match the Indian traditional and contemporary aesthetics that gives beautiful results and creates a visual delight.

Life stage

We understand that the design requirement for every house is different. The d├ęcor requirements of a bungalow for a large joint family are different from a spacious 3 BHK for family with kids and grandparents or that of a 2 BHK for couple with kids or a compact 1 BHK for couples or a bachelor pad. Our solutions also differ for each and every one of them.

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