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Radhika and Suyash

Radhika and Suyash are young entrepreneurs and they have a 5 year old daughter. They are art lovers and like to lead a simple and tasteful life. For their 2BHK home, they wanted an open space with a premium look and they preferred modular furniture that saves them space when not in use. This got our interior design team all excited to create something different for this family. In the lliving room, we created a bookshelf designed with a unique low sofa with foldable dining table inside. With a movable pantry table having hidden wheels, it doubles up as a work table. The premium looking kitchen maximises storage to keep the space clutter free. The most beautiful part is the kids’ room interior, with a tree house with an additional space for play area too. A murphy bed with storage is used to make the most of the space.

Arrivae - Home Interior
Arrivae - Home Interior
Arrivae - Home Interior
Arrivae - Home Interior

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